Dollar Tree adds automatic surcharge and customers will need to pay every time


A premium has been introduced for some transactions at the cheap retailer chain Dollar Tree.

– Customers will now pay an additional $1.00 fee for cash-back transactions only.

– The company claims that the fee is verified by the customer before it is processed.

According to the business, the charge is approved by the consumer before processing.

Compared to ATM costs for similar transactions, Dollar Tree's charge is significantly cheaper.

As a result of inflation making it harder to supply its well-known one-dollar goods, the firm is now providing more $3 and $5 products.

As of April 22, 2021, customers in several West Norriton,

Pennsylvania localities must pay for the shopping bags that the merchant provides.

The piece also uncovers other levies that consumers should be aware of at other low-cost retailers like Sam's Club.

The US Sun discovered several home products at Dollar Tree that were on sale for as cheap as $1.25.

Juice and gum are among the groceries that may be purchased for as low as $1.25.